So another day in the life. Today actually began in a really great way. I walked to the central market in Merida today to see what went on down in that area of the city. Both I and a friend wandered through a few sections of craft stalls and fabric vendors before a man stopped us and mapped out the food market for us. This also was conveniently after I had stopped to try a lichi fruit from a vendor nearby – which was incredibly delicious I might add. So… the market – it was incredible. The market itself takes up 4 blocks and includes everything from textiles to spices to fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry. There were soo many people packed into this center – it was amazing. Inside the market itself – you can only see people and their wares in every direction. The place is really reminiscent of what I would consider a middle eastern market to look like. It has that classic look of age, experience, and the unknown. Pictures to come, and although I did not buy anything today. Most assured I will be returning to get a bunch of great pieces for the family and food for my time here. For now adios! 


About bassist5656

Hi, I am just beginning a world adventure of my very own! My name is Tristan Davis Fralick and I am a nursing and social justice student from the central New York region. I really enjoy working with people and I have made it my goal to see as much of the world's cultures as possible to best understand and relate to the people that live all around us. In my free-time I enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, playing music, cooking, writing (obviously), and learning new things in any way that I can. This is a blog consisting of my travels past and present. I hope that you enjoy!

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