Down the Paseo

Down the Paseo

A little perspective on how long the Paseo de Montejo is, and the beauty that the entire length displays. The Paseo itself was designed by a wealthy group of industrialists and entrepreneurs who wanted a street that displayed the art, beauty, and money of the Yucatecan economy during the sisal (a plant fiber rope that was produced and shipped out of the Yucatan) boom of the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s. I will post more information in the future about the production of this once essential item to the Yucatecan economy, as I am traveling to a hacienda within the next couple weeks to see the production process.
The Paseo itself has several monuments along the way contained in a couple squares, each of which show important individuals and events throughout Yucatecan history. This picture was taken as I walked back home after I was wandering town.


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