tamales anyone?

tamales anyone?

Finally! Some food! Ok so this is a tamale that I bought on the paseo de montejo the other night. Our college does not provide meals for saturdays and sundays so obviously street food is the best option. What a fantastic choice it was too. This particular tamale was made with chicken, and the typical maize base wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf. The thing about food here too is that it is almost inhumanely cheap all over the place. This tamale was more than enough for dinner and cost 11 pesos (at 12.50 pesos to the US dollar). I will be there most nights where I have to fend for myself.


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Hi, I am just beginning a world adventure of my very own! My name is Tristan Davis Fralick and I am a nursing and social justice student from the central New York region. I really enjoy working with people and I have made it my goal to see as much of the world's cultures as possible to best understand and relate to the people that live all around us. In my free-time I enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, playing music, cooking, writing (obviously), and learning new things in any way that I can. This is a blog consisting of my travels past and present. I hope that you enjoy!

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