The great Cenote

The great Cenote

This is a bad representation of the opening of the great cenote. This is where sacrifices were taken, cleansed, and thrown into the great pit as an offering to the gods. The cenote itself has an opening that is about 30-40 meters across (maybe even more) and it is about 30-40 meters until you hit the water. The great sac be (or road) leads from the great pyramid directly to this ceremonial platform. The reason that the sacrifices are well known is because of the dredging that was done beginning around the turn of the last century. An explorer and archeologist, Edward Herbert Thompson, took it upon himself to pull whatever was in the cenote out for the purpose of studying the culture (and delivering the relics to the Peabody museum at Harvard University). The team pulled out many skeletons, a lot of jewelry, pottery, and much more thus denoting the popularity of ritual sacrifice using the cenote.


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