An ancient sort of green

An ancient sort of green

This is a photo of another of the structures within the more mayan styled sections of Chichen Itza. I believe that this building was used for ceremonies however I can’t exactly recall what I read. This structure is one of the more intact in the area and a large number of iguanas really enjoyed its wide exposure to the sun. Strangely enough there is also a ball-court looking space next to this building. Although, this is much smaller than even the regular size courts that we saw at Uxmal.


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Hi, I am just beginning a world adventure of my very own! My name is Tristan Davis Fralick and I am a nursing and social justice student from the central New York region. I really enjoy working with people and I have made it my goal to see as much of the world's cultures as possible to best understand and relate to the people that live all around us. In my free-time I enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, playing music, cooking, writing (obviously), and learning new things in any way that I can. This is a blog consisting of my travels past and present. I hope that you enjoy!

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