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Thoughts on the 4th

Hello all within and outside teh United States. Happy Independance day! Its interesting to be away from home on such a holiday, at least in some ways. Independance day is one of those holidays that yes we celebrate, but it is no where near as big as Christmas or Thanksgiving, at least when it comes to asthetic family appeal and nostalgia…. Wait, I take that back. This is all that Independance day is within the United States. It like all of the other holidays of the year, represents a time to get together to enjoy eachother – its a reason to see and gather with friends, family, and yes even almost complete strangers for the sake of a good time.

Truth be told, I hesitated to even write this post. Although against my better judgement I sought to express my thoughts, briefly (yeah right), about the past week for the benefit of any of those out there who happen to read this in the future. I am located within the small community healthcare clinic in the vilage of Dzoncauich, Mexico. This town, or pueblo here, is located about 80 kilometers outside of the capital of the district, but acts as a political seat for the surrounding smaller villages. This is an amazing and beautiful location, and I am happy that I was able to take advantage of this opportunity. During the day I shadow the doctor (Eddie) who is doing his social service for the Mexican government, at least in part, at this clinic, as well as other parts of the healthcare staff as they go about their daily routines. Usually this involves seeing 15-20 patients with everyithing from gastritis to congenital heart defect follow-ups.The clinic day is relatively short, 830-2ish, so we have the rest of the day free. For meals, we have been eating at the house of Doña Irma and Don Porfi, a local family who is just absolutely incredible. This couple are definitely one of the closest pairs I have had to truly close grandparents in a long time. For example, If I have learned anything this week, it is that you cannnot argue with a Mexican Abuela about eating more food… you just have to eat those last two panuchos or you will be in trouble. I mean, even after a week I feel like I have been prepped to auction at the market. All of the traditional Yucatan meals that I could want, in the fantastic space of great conversation and incredible family feeling.

This is what I have enjoyed most in my short time here, and it is certainly what would convince me to return in a heartbeat within the future. The compassion and sense of belonging with the people of Dzoncauich is the same as my own home. I have spent a lot of my free time wandering through the streets and the countryside within and surrounding the village and I cannot express the unhindered beauty of the Yucatecan jungle. First and foremost however, I made a new friend in my host Dr. Eddie. Normally he stays here along Monday through Saturday night before returning for sunday to his family in Merida. His relationships with the people of Dzoncauich have really brought the sense of family that I am so openly shouting at the moment. Remember, family always matters most in the end. However, this doesnt have to be biological family… I have a ¨Rental Brother¨at home who is just another of the herd of my siblings. This is what is important, that you make these connections to people.

As a last note in this rushed and not so eloquent passage, I cannot wait fro home in soem ways, and In others I never want to leave this village. I wouldnt mind learning how to be a town doctor here, although I am not sure what the people would think. For all those out there – enjoy your time together, enjoy the holiday. As I started and now I will end this saga … for the moment..


¨Be well, Do good work, and keep in touch¨

Garrison Keilor


Yours Truly